DBox2-Client  v.0.02

DBox2::Client perl modules for controlling a dbox2

NeutrinoTV  v.1. 2. 3094

neutrinoTV is a tool for watching live TV on your PC via a Neutrino based dbox or dreambox. Hence it's main feature is watching live TV!


Bitcontrol MPEG Video Decoder  v.3.0

Bitcontrol MPEG Video Decoder is a video and audio decoder for most media players. It runs as a DirectShow filter, supporting DirectX Video Acceleration 1.0 and 2.0. It allows you to play HDTV on Celeron processors slower than 1 Ghz.

DCamCapture  v.0.9.4

DCamCapture is a small tool to copy images from a Nikon DSLR to a computer during shooting. Currently it only runs on MS Windows XP and Vista.This tool was the result of playing around with the Nikon SDKs.

Bitcontrol® Multicast Server  v.

The bitcontrol® Multicast Server is a software to stream the MPEG-2 video data of different set top boxes as multicast over the local network.

Xfolders  v.1.6

Xfolders supplements the Finder through its assistance of simply administrating of your files.

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